Sunday, June 22, 2014


These walls need color. These walls need a splash of soul to drown the silence on them.
Perhaps there is something missing. It feels almost empty, as there is nothing to give them life.
It has never bothered me before. But now as I sit here, it has come to me. As almost a new spark of energy. I know what Can chance this scene. But how to get it here?
There are a few whose inner beauty can bring something more. There are a few who can make this room bring me a since of purpose. Their works can bring a new light to this dull, barren view.

Behind their masks they hold a cure. I can feel it in their veins. It almost fuels me. It moves me.
Each breath makes them stronger, and by touch alone I am envious of this. Together we can create a resting place. Together, our minds as one, the energy can be brought out. We can share our passions. One might say a collaboration of artists, making something old into something new.

An idea! It all starts with an idea. This idea can grow and dig its way into the subconscious. It burrows itself into the inner workings of the brain. And fed properly, it can grow. But how to get this beauty out? The options are few, but there is one way to make it free. The sight it can bring. The wisdom it can hold. Not to mention the life force affecting all those who come into contact with it. The sight alone can bring one to tears. It could make one reflect on life. To remember what life is all about. It can bring forth a mans desires. It can unlock the hidden animal. It may, oh it just may, empower the weaker class.

Of course by weaker class I refer only to those who are too afraid to see the potentials, the responsibilities, the abilities they harbor within themselves. The opportunity to change one moment and make a mark, their mark, on history alone. One small act can release it. Release the years of hiding. Break the chains of what they are meant to become for each are meant to fulfill a purpose.

But yet, they hide. We hide. I hide. But here, within these bare walls I will hide No more. What do I fear? Victims of ourselves? Or geniuses in the making. The inner workings of a mind can never be deciphered. I am but what I am. And sitting here, it has come to me. It makes, what some would diagnose, an insanity claim. But I see it more as a logical shot. A perfect kill to the source. Clean. Cut. Well planned and executed.

I am fed by the notion of new and exciting times. I contemplate, I rationally whip up the ingredients to a new day of age. There is no fear. There is no need to hide behind society and what they feel is practical. It makes sense!! Can you not see  what it means to set the mind free?

Brainwashed by the times. Calmed to how you are supposed to act. And supposed to react. But what is that all for? The purpose? To be like everyone else? I say I am doing the world a favor. To show we are not all the same. We are not what we appear to be. But the clues we leave behind, who reads them? Can what you really feel and see and think and brew inside really be understood except by you alone? It is not what makes a man a man. Flesh.bone. Nerves. Blood in us all.

Oh the pleasure to see it now. There, on these walls to start. Etched in the grains of this day. The beauty of what is inside. I can see it.  The sight it brings. The magnetism that flows and bubbles though the core. It is beautiful. Simple and natural. We have it in us all. I can bring it out of you. What flows beneath your outer layer. It is time to let it out. To let it breathe. And where better to start  Than now. Right here. With my hand. With my presence ever absorbing and filtering its path. You help me. You make life better. But do not worry, I cannot take credit alone for this work of art, as I want to call it. You will be remembered as well as I. We just have to be patient until someone will find us. Piece by piece, with all our tasks, and moment by moment we will wait to be recognized for the mark we will make on history.

So...for now...let me...nigh, let us lie here and breathe the victory of our accomplishment in these rooms now painted with our life's work. There is no better scene than this alone. What everyone wants to see, but is too afraid to let it be shown. I thank you for your Being. Your energy. You have helped me break out. And now, everyone can see. True beauty.

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